Good riddance 2011. Welcome 2012.

2011 brought a wave of personal craziness, and I for one have never been more ready to leave a year than this one. However, with craziness comes sweet fodder for an awesome art fire (which is what I call burning creativity within me—that is “art fire”). Some of these pieces are finished, and many others just started. One work I finished in time for my show “Casual Confrontations” this past October was “They laugh. They always laugh.” Rarely do I tell a viewer why I created a certain piece, the story of the work or what made me create it. I’d rather let that viewer A) assume what they will and/or B) call upon their own live experiences to give THEM meaning to the work created. Telling you my story won’t resonate as much as personal experience you take away from my crazed work.

"They laugh. They always laugh."

"They laugh. They always laugh."

New things are on the horizon, and many new works started. 2012 will bring me more work, and I’m up for it! I have two shows planned for this year—one in Indianapolis (August) and one in Union City (October)—and a few more simmering on the proverbial back burner.

I need to continue to keep creating, and I don’t find myself leaving this smaller size (4″ x 4″ panels) for awhile. I actually like smalls more than I thought I would. They take up less room, I have multiple pieces in the works at once, and they’re easier to sell.

I have no idea what 2012 will bring, but I’m looking forward to it being better than this past year!

And, Happy New Year from me to you.