The Challenge

So I’ve proven I can’t keep an up-to-date blog. This is why I can’t have nice things. 

Actually, this is the very thing that keeps me from making New Year’s resolutions. I’m a squirrel, and I know it.

I guess after 40+ years of life, I spend each year watching others say they’re going to lose weight, quit cussing, stop drinking or smoking, go to church, or make more time for family. And then, they don’t keep those resolutions. What good is making a resolution if you won’t stick with it? Isn’t failing on a resolution proving to yourself that your own word is no good? This is a letdown.

People, I don’t need to let myself down.

So what do I need? Well, that’ll make for a helluva long blog entry, so I’ll spare you that insanity and only focus on one thing: art. I need practice. I need to draw, paint and just do more art. Period.

My CHALLENGE to myself is to sketch for the 365 days of 2016: Pencil to sketchbook each day.

Hipster sketch, 1-1-16

Hipster. January 1, 2016 :: Day 1/365

Doesn’t that sound like fun? Drawing every day?

Unless you’re blessed/cursed with the crave to make art, then you may not realize that drawing each day may actually be a chore—perhaps most days! I know when I return home after my “full-time gig” as an art director, sometimes I’m just drained. In my mind, I believe I’ll have a quarter of the pages full (if I’m lucky) and most would make good kindling for your fireplace. But that’s not the point. Practice your craft. Practice your passion. Practice what makes you unique. What do your friends push you to perfect? What are you known for? Practice THAT.

I’m choosing to look at this self-imposed challenge of sketching just part of my daily routine. Some folks read in bed. If I must, I’ll draw in bed. Maybe I’ll awake and start the day sketching! I’m committed to attaching my 9 x 12 sketchbook du l’année to my person. That’ll look adorable, won’t it? If nothing else, perhaps I’ll start a new fashion fad by turning my sketchbook into a stylish accessory.

I hope you’ve made a challenge for yourself this year, and if you can’t stick-to-it, perhaps you’ll start a fashion trend.

Practice what you (want to) reach! L.

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